Rehab for Ria

Trying to look on the bright side: Miss Ria had a fun summer doing a combination of flatwork,jumping and trail riding. She even acted as a trailer buddy for my older mare who finds trailering to be an experience she should avoid as much as is feasible.She loads and unloads very politely – it’s the middle bit that causes the problem!¬†However back to my little mare who can be too athletic for her own good at times. From one day to the next she was ever so slightly lame. I crossed my fingers and willed it to be a stone bruise or an abscess. Even the vet said to give her a few days off and not to worry. Ten days of failing to avoid the minute but clear evidence that she wasn’t entirely sound and I cracked . The vet nerve blocked her left pastern and just like magic, she was sound. The xray revealed a small fracture about the size of my finger nail. The oddest thing was that the skin covering the area was perfect, not even a scratch! How she could have struck herself (vet’s best guess) without doing any other damage is a little bit of a mystery. Hence she’s on stall rest for the time being. Hand grazing is allowed -¬†provided she behaves herself. Must check that Ria understands that part of the deal!!!